About Me

Who am I?

My name is Anna. I am a Business Consultant, an Adviser, a Writer, a Mentor, a Lifelong Student, and more.

I am truly an international person. Have lived in 5 different countries, and speak 6 languages.

My strong interest in mentoring and coaching has led to writing. This has encouraged me to start my own blog to make my content available to everyone – anywhere and everywhere.

My writing covers topics on personal development, interviews and job search, and well-being. All based on personal experience.

Due to COVID-19, I uncovered my ability to guide others through change and uncertainty. So I combined my experience from business consulting with learning in futures thinking, nudge theory, and psychological first aid to create change with impact.

I am happy to share my experience and empower the next generation of conscious leaders for creating a positive impact.


Product Owner at NETS

2021 – current

♦ Driving the content creation and management of learning materials to enable self-learning among product and engineering team members. Preparing learning tracks for individual roles.

♦ Organizing and coordinating SAFe training. Overseeing the product integration portal re-launch. Documenting product knowledge.

Mentor at DUOS

2021 – 2011

♦ Coaching and mentoring university students with mental disabilities.

♦ Helping create structure around everyday study life, maintain motivation, gain an overview over deadlines, acquire new study techniques.

Business Consultant as FREELANCER

2020 – 2020

♦ Provided consulting services in people management, agile mindset, cross-cultural relations, communication, and stress coaching.

♦ Helped clients plan their marketing campaigns and improve business operations followed by changes in the new pandemic economy.

Career Counselor as SELF-EMPLOYED

2017 – 2020

♦ Advised clients on writing a good resume, creating a welcoming cover letter, preparing for an interview, and handling logical tests.

♦ Assisted graduates in financing relocation and cross-border interviews, locating sources of financial support to pay for training programs and exchange semester abroad.

Business Analyst at TALKWALKER

2016 – 2017

♦ Worked in agile sprints to deliver quarterly releases of new functionalities. Developed product testing method, which improved pre-release testing.

♦ Supported 5 departments with training materials. Developed use cases, implemented new business processes. Supervised junior hires.

Business Consultant at STRETCH

2015 – 2016

♦ Created and organized clients’ documentation for their enterprise resource planning solution. Developed process chains, loaded and verified data, tested queries.

♦ Established new client relationships. Handled several clients at the same time.

Business Consultant at IBM

2014 – 2015

♦ Covered E-Recruiting application project setup to help client’s HR department.

♦ Worked on “Scoping of Maersk Line IT Transformation Program”. Documented “as-is” and “to-be” capabilities in the process mapping, analyzed gaps in business processes, developed short customer journey stories, created use cases.

Developer of European Union Foundation Project at LYNGSOE SYSTEMS

2009 – 2010

♦ Identified customer needs and satisfaction in the airport industry and analyzed areas of service inefficiency.

Let’s make something together.

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